We could not be more proud – one of our very own Staffords was the face of the breed on the official American Kennel Club website a few years back! She is also featured in the American Kennel Club video series on  How To Dock Dive  featured on You Tube where she plays the role of a beginner dog. What an actress!

Several of our Staffords have qualified for Crufts multiple times, including Marina’s 4 times qualification AND entering this prestigious show in UK. She has also shown at two Champ shows in UK. While we truly do not breed for color nor do we discriminate based upon color (we do NOT condone breeding for dilute) – Marina is the winningest blue Stafford in the history of the breed worldwide. 

Our dogs are AKC Canine Good Citizens, some are advanced and urban CGC as well.  Nealie is an official AKC Canine Ambassador.  Several Wavemaker Staffords are working Service Dogs. (Beware: There is NO CERTIFICATION or REGISTRATION for service/medical alert dogs. If someone advertises such you know they are fake or ignorant and got scammed). All are fully health tested which can easily be searched on the OFA database. Our dogs participate in all sports and activities in order to prove they are indeed “foremost all purpose dogs’ as our breed standard requires. 

The Stafford Knot, Inc. has been internationally recognized by kennel clubs large and small and is currently the most recognized source for information about the breed in the world. TSK has raised and donated many many thousands of dollars to Stafford rescues worldwide. TSK’s books on the breed standard and the accompanying seminar has been used and translated all over the world as well as here in America. 

Thank you to Mark Baer and Connie Fore for the photos below.