Important – Please read:

As always, any pup we sell is to come back to us if for any reason you must give up ownership of the dog. This means for any reason, at any age, no questions asked. We want you to be happy with your pet, but we have the health, happiness & security of the puppy in mind. We are sure you understand that we are responsible for every puppy we produce for its entire life.  We will also be there for you to answer any questions and/or offer support and mentoring should you wish. While we always want a Stafford returned to us – we also do not want you to be dishonest about the reasons for the return. We appreciate honesty.

The price for health tested (meaning they can prove to you that the sire and dam and resulting litter is clear and normal of L2-HGA, HC, DM, OFA eyes, PennHip hips, patella, elbow, thyroid, dentition & PHPV) purebred Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies in this country currently range from $2500-4000. A breeder cannot tell you if a puppy is guaranteed show quality at 8-12 weeks old. If there is an obvious visual or structural fault that is apparent at that age they will sell the pup as a pet quality puppy with a spay/neuter contract. This in no way makes that puppy any less of a worthy pet, it only means it should not be bred from so therefore cannot be shown in the conformation ring. Otherwise they have no crystal ball and if a breeder guarantees your puppy is going to be a Champion – dont believe it. Roughly 1/3 pups in a litter should be shown if that. Rarely entire litters should be shown. Certainly a pup with a disqualifying fault (black & tan pointed or liver in Staffords) should never be sold as a show prospect but certainly would make an excellent pet not to be bred from. It still should be health tested and come from health tested parents. PLEASE ask to see proof. Check the OFA database for accuracy. Check SBT Pedigree Database

DO NOT purchase a puppy from a breeder whose contract forces you to show or breed and give puppies back! This should be discussed prior to a contract appearing on the table! Do not fall in love with a puppy and sign a contract without reading and understanding thoroughly what you are signing! Showing is very expensive! Breeding can be heartbreaking and is also expensive! Don’t be bullied by a breeder! 

Breeding puppies is not for everyone

Are you kennel blind to the faults of your dogs or can you honestly state your own dogs faults and virtues and breed or not breed accordingly? We feel strongly that you should be able to honestly asses your dogs – both positive features AND negative features so that you can aim to improve upon the breed with any mating. Even if you cannot ‘see’ any faults in your Staffords – others can and the offspring will surely point it out!

*A word about poor dentition –  converging canines are not simply structural faults – it can mean painful mouth issues for the dog. The tips of the lower canines sit inside the upper canines and can reach the upper palette, sometimes in serious cases can puncture the roof of the mouth leading to pain, infection and worse. The tips can be filed off or the teeth can be removed in serious cases. This is an important thing to recognize for the comfort of the dog and should be taken into serious consideration when making breeding choices.

Another thing to remember, Mother Nature has the last word! You can study pedigrees, genetics, photos, structure, faults and virtues all day long – but in the end it’s a crap shoot really. Sometimes you never know when something will pop up seemingly out of nowhere. Of course it is our thinking that it does come from somewhere – most likely was there all along yet some breeder along the way ‘chose not to see it’ and so it was perpetuated along until it showed up once more. We were very surprised to get blue puppies in a litter from a brindle to a black brindle – but it happens and it is within the breed standard, not ‘rare’.

So you want to be a breeder? Are you sure? Check out these true stories before you decide to breed:

Breeder stories

All Wavemaker pups to be sold on contract to pre-approved homes only. Expect to wait a while if approved. no/low vax, raw fed homes preferred. Must collect pup in person. No shipping.

We do not breed for color. Please do not ask for a blue puppy. We do not breed often therefore we will probably refer you to reputable breeders who health test whom we trust.