Promoting Health, Exercise and the Breed Standard with focus on the total dog; temperament, structure, movement and type, naturally reared, raw fed Staffordshire Bull Terriers – Well loved pets first.

We support the health testing of Staffordshire Bull Terriers for L2-HGA, HC, Cardiac, Thyroid, PHPV, OFA Hips & Patella. All of our dogs are entered into the OFA database and CHIC #s recorded.

If you breed – please support rescue!

We rarely have puppies available. We DO NOT ship any puppies nor do we sell any puppies sight unseen. You must be present to pick up your puppy in person and we prefer that we meet you and your family in person prior to selling you a puppy. Also – please don’t say ‘staffy’ these are Staffordshire Bull Terriers. If you cannot say the entire name at least please respectfully call them Staffords.