‘Bay’ is L2-HGA DNA Unaffected & HC DNA clear, PHPV Unaffected, CERF x4, CAER, OFA Hip Good, Penn-Hip, Patella – GOOD, Cardiac – Normal

‘Bay’ began her dock diving career last summer with a BANG! Looks like she shares her mothers enthusiasm for the sport and has just begun Air Retrieve as well as doing well in Distance and was invited to compete at NADD National Specialty in Orlando her first season competing. **UPDATE** Bay placed 3rd in her division in Air Retrieve grabbing 10′! Looks like she will be just like her mother in this fun sport!

Bay was awarded a 5 point major win at the AKC National Championship weekend Area 2 Regional Specialty (Kimberly Washington (Chevier, US) and  3 point Major going Reserve Winners Bitch at the SBTCA 2017 National Specialty in Las Vegas under  Pete Hopgood (Antroboss, UK) . Bay also was Best BBE 3 of the 4 shows. Bay was awarded RWB/BBE under Audrey Hubery (Nozac, UK) and WB/BOW/BBE under Melanie Corcoran (Molru, IR) for another 4 points at The Classic (NESBTC). Bay completed her AKC CH title at the AKC National Championship weekend Area 2 Regional Specialty 2017 (Judy Heller (Moonstruck, US) winning another major!   Not too bad for a bitch only shown a handful of times. She is mainly shown at Stafford Specialties.

Critique – Las Vegas Show 2 – Judge: Shaun Stone (Ashbull)
Bred By Exhibitor Bitches.
1st: Wavemaker Briny Breezes CGCA CGCU DS.
This girl is a nicely put together black brindle. At first glance free stood standing looking at class she catches your attention with her classy style and shape with clean lines. Head is very pleasing showing nice blend of bull and terrier, muzzle of good length and width, distinct stop, nice eye and well set ears giving of a pleasing overall expression. This girl for me body wise was of nice length and defined with well laid shoulders and front that is straight. She has good rib and nice tuck, coat nice and short. Strong backend of her with good angulation and hocks well let down. Moved well and her condition was outstanding and coat was gleaming. Pleased to Award her Best Bred By Exhibitor.

Las Vegas Show 3 – SBTCA National Specialty show – Judge: Pete Hopgood (Antroboss)

RWB Caswell’s Wavemaker Briny Breezes

An attractive black brindle, everything fitted together so well on this girl, everything in proportion, super well shaped head, good stop and keen expression, excellent body and a well-muscled rear quarters, shown in mint condition, gleaming coat, moved with purpose.

N.E.S.B.T.C. Classic

8th September 2017
JUDGE: Audrey Hubery {Nozac}

BRED BY EXHIBITOR BITCH: 1st. Caswell. Wavemaker Briny Breezes. A very good honest bitch who fits the standard like a glove. Feminine head piece with a perfect mouth i would have preferred a shade darker eye but expression was so wicked . Her neck muscular without being doggy clean in front with straight bone in legs just the correct amount of brisket & level topline which she used to advantage on her movement A little weight loss around the loin area would have secured top spot. Expertly presented. RESERVE WINNERS BITCH

9th September 2017
JUDGE: Melanie Corcoran {Molru)

Critique – Bred by exhibitor (1)
Beautiful bitch who was in excellent condition, Beautifully shaped head, with excellent stop, good depth to head with good cheek bumps, correct bite with good underjaw, well set rose ears which where well placed, Round eyes which I would have preferred a little darker to finish off her otherwise fabulous expression, her well muscled neck flowed into a level topline which she held stacked and on the move, her shoulder angulation was excellent as was her well boned straight front, good spring of rib and short coupled with a nice tuck in the loin, she has a well muscled rear which she moved to drive around the ring, she moved as one with her handler, delighted to award her WINNERS BITCH & BEST OF WINNERS

SBTCA Supported Entry Louisville Kennel Club 3/17/2019 

Critiques by Judge: Jason Nicolai

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Caswell’s CH Wavemaker Briny Breezes DM DSA AJ CGCA CGCU TKN BCAT

Graceful blend of bull and terrier on this very athletic bitch. Feminine in every regard. Clean, classic typey head with deep skull, distinct stop and proper proportions. Tight lips on the functional muzzle housing a perfect scissor bite. She has a neat rose ear, well placed eyes and pleasing, feminine expression. Neck is graceful, but muscular and hard to the touch blending nicely into the well laid back shoulders, square front assembly with just enough bone to support her flesh. No exaggerations. No Waste. Deep brisket, athletic body with proper tuck under loin, well angled rear quarters, agile but powerful propelling her to move like she’s floating. Not just “economy of effort” as called for in the standard, but seemingly no effort at all. Won out on typey head, soundness, and exceptional movement. Today’s Select Bitch.