Why you wait

Warning – this will trigger some!

I receive emails, calls and even some texts weekly from people who are wanting to buy a Stafford puppy who have no idea that good responsible breeders are not Amazon. We are not vending machines waiting for a stranger who probably doesn’t even really know this breed to order up a puppy. We are not in ‘business’. We aren’t running a breeding company. This is not how we pay our bills. This is a passion. We are dedicated to this breed. This has little to do with money or making sure every person gets to buy a puppy.

Stop texting “How much for a puppy” or “Any puppies available?”. Please just stop.

And for those who call and possibly might make amazing homes but you want that puppy yesterday . . . please do the simple math.

A bitch should reach two years old to have all her health testing completed and listed on the OFA website. Hopefully she passes all of these tests and is also a good representative of the breed mostly meeting the breed standard with few faults and no major faults. Thats a lot to ask for. Not all bitch’s will be suitable for breeding.

Next a responsible breeder will have been doing the needed research to locate the right stud for her and also have a back up stud chosen, just in case. This also involves travel to meet the dog in person if possible, studying his pedigree and offspring. Researching his health testing and hopefully performance or conformation records, agreeing to and signing a stud contract, paying the fees.

Then we wait. The bitch has to come into season which only happens about every 7-8 months or so. Next we test progesterone, draw blood daily for LH surge testing (if using frozen) where timing is essential. So now we are about 2 years plus maybe 6-8 months down the road and we wait about 2 more weeks for ovulation to occur. Now we try for a breeding – either naturally, AI or surgically. Each has its challenges and costs involved, plus time and travel.

Now more waiting. In about a month the breeder can opt to ultrasound to see if she conceived. Hopefully all goes well and in another month or so puppies will arrive. More challenges. If there is only 1-2 puppies, a cesarean may be required. Hopefully she can free whelp, its usually around 3am on a holiday when the world is closed. Hopefully no stuck puppies, hopefully no DOA puppies, hopefully no cleft palate or hairlip puppies, hopefully no deformation, and hopefully mama makes it alright too. Next you are awake for two weeks during the ‘please dear lord dont die’ phase. Also hopefully mama doesn’t produce too little milk or too much milk and develops mastitis. Meanwhile if you are counting its been over 3 years. . . . or so it seems.

Most reputable breeders do not let their pups leave until 8-12 weeks. Puppies need this time to learn all sorts of things which are discussed ad nauseum on other pages of this website. So if you call me for a puppy and it just so happens I just bred my girl – you are still going to be waiting around 4-5 months. AND what if you only want a girl and I only have one girl. Welp sorry – I breed to keep a girl. You cant have her. She is mine because of my decades of hard work and wanting that to continue. Sounds harsh but how would I provide more puppies if I sell you my only girl? What if you wanted a puppy for a future performance prospect and none have the temperament for sports? Do you see why you wait?

Find the breeder you want a relationship with and plan to wait. Or dont. Take your chances. Believe the marketing hype. You can certainly find breeders who exist only to populate the world with Stafford puppies. Thats not me. And don’t get me started on those asking me for a puppy and then whinging about how much money I ask for them. Re-read this blog post, and others, and add up the money we spend to create your health and temperament tested well bred puppy. I can assure you, when doing it right we are not making money. Again, this is not a business for us. Leave that to those flashy well marketed and advertised puppy makers with huge egos. I wont call them breeders. What they do is a business. It’s a puppy making business. What we do is not a business.

Also note, its none of our concern who you choose to buy your puppy from. I offer the information all over this website on how to find someone passionate and honest and who truly cares about the breed and the dogs in their care. But it is your responsibility to do your homework and decide for yourself. Do you want lifetime support? Do you want to see proof of health testing? Do you want to meet dogs in person? Do you want a relationship with your breeder and others who also trusted and bought from this breeder? Do you want mentoring about this breed you are about to welcome into your life for (hopefully) the next 16 years? Do you want a friend to support you to be a part of the Stafford community? Do you want someone with experience you can call at any time for any reason to ask questions, brag, share photos, talk with about anything Stafford?

If not, you can Paypal your money and get a puppy shipped to you. Puppy makers will do that for you. Good luck and I hope you don’t need me later to help you re-home your puppy.

End of lecture. If you got triggered look inside yourself to see why.